“Find Me When I’m Lost”,  (A Charlie Mack Motown Mystery) by Cheryl A. Head— Crime, Politics and Police

Head, Cheryl A. “Find Me When I’m Lost”,  (A Charlie Mack Motown Mystery), Bywater Books, 2020.

Crime, Politics and Police

Amos Lassen

I am not really much of a mystery reader but Cheryl Head’s Charlie Mack’s series are something else. No sooner do I finish one, I begin waiting for the next one. She has the ability to create characters and plots that we love and look forward to— but sometimes it can be a long wait in between books. When a new one does come it is cause for celebration but I really must stop reading them so quickly.

In “Find Me When I’m Lost”, Charlie is hired by her ex-husband’s new wife Pamela and while that might seem a it strange, it is not nearly as strange as things will get., things get awkward quickly. Pamela’s ex-Franklin, has been charged with his brother-in-law’s murder. While Charlie and Pamela both believe he didn’t do it, Franklin has gone into hiding for a reason that neither understands. The police see this as a sign of guilt but Charlie feels differently. She thinks that he has learned sonething that might have life-threatening complications. Charlie needs some kind of proof that there is no double-cross here and when the Investigation uses all of its assets on the case, worry follows. Mandy, Charlie’s girlfriend is worried that Charlie’s attempts to find Franklin could be caused by some romantic feeling that she still has for him and loyalties are questioned.

The case is a mixture of family and murder and as time progresses, nothing is certain. Charlie is detrmied to prove Franklin’s innocence and she puts that above all else in her life (including Mandy). Soon she realizes that she never could have imagined where the case was going.

Cheryl Head brings together the politics of Detroit, the police and crime and it is all very real. The story  builds in intensity to a point that keeps us turning pages. I love the character of Charlie Mack. She is never afraid to show her vulnerability yet she is thorough and totally into the work she does. After having spent time with her now, I see her a friend who is complete, honest and determined and she is always there to do her job.

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