“Trans-Affirmative Parenting: Raising Kids Across the Gender Spectrum” by Elizabeth Rahilly— Supporting the Transgender Child

Rahilly, Elizabeth. “Trans-Affirmative Parenting: Raising Kids Across the Gender Spectrum”, NYU Press, 2020.

Supporting the Transgender Child

Amos Lassen

Elizabeth Rahilly brings us first-hand accounts of how parents support their transgender children showing us that thereis a new generation of parents and families who are now identifying, supporting, and raising transgender children. In “Trans-Affirmative Parenting”, Elizabeth Rahilly gives us their fascinating stories after having interviewed parents of children who identify across the gender spectrum, as well as the doctors, mental health practitioners, educators, and advocates who support their journeys. 

We read of parents’ experiences and see how they come to terms with new ideas about gender, sexuality, identity, and the body and we look at their complex deliberations about nonbinary possibilities and medical interventions. The emphasis is on how parents can best advocate for transgender awareness and move beyond traditional gendered expectations. Child-centered, child-driven parenting is central to this new trans-affirmative paradigm as is awareness of LGBTQ issues. Here are provocative new insights into transgender children and the parents who raise them.

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