“How to Be Nowhere” by Tim Macgabhann— The Sequel to “Call Him Mine”

Macgabhann, Tim. “How to Be Nowhere”, W&N, 2020.

The Sequel to “Call Him Mine”

Amos Lassen

We learned in Tim Macgabhann’s “Call Him Mine” that Irish journalist Andrew is a recovering drug addict and he has suffered a great loss with the murder of his boyfriend, Carlos. When “How to Be Nowhere” opens, Andrew is finally doing okay and coming to terms with his loss. He is sober and building a new home with a new partner. He seems to have almost erased from his mind the story that changed his life but the story has not forgotten him. Deadly threats force him into now helping the same man who murdered Carlos and left Andrew without love and a home. We are taken on quite a chase deep into Central America and learn about both the region’s present and future. As in his earlier book, the prose is fine and snappy and the thrills keep  coming. For that reason, I cannot say much about the plot. Tim Macgabhann is making himself quite a voice in new queer literature and he is a person to watch.

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