“HANDS OF GOD”— To Become Olympic Champions


To Become Olympic Champions

Amos Lassen

Riccardo Romani’s “Hands of God” is a beautiful documentary about the Iraqi boxing teams who suffered through thirteen years of war, dozens of bombings each and every month, but who remain focused on their goal of becoming Olympic champions. Here is theirjourney from desperation to the edge of an historic qualification. We follow a group of young men — Waheed, Jafaar, and Saadi are determined to fight for their Nation while they defend their lives on the battlefields. When their gym is devastated by a bomb attack, they continue to train outside.   Even with living under the constant threat of ISIS, the men redefine commitment and sacrifice as they strive to fulfill their dreams.

They face other problems as well— is there enough time to train while on army duty? Can they maintain their focus while living in dangerous areas during the time of war? Will those on the front lines return home? Their story is one of hope and redemption.

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