“The New Queer Conscience” by Adam Eli— A New Manifesto

Eli, Adam. “The New Queer Conscience” illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky, Pocket Change Collective, 2020.

A New Manifesto

Amos Lassen

With “The New Queer Conscience”, Adam Eli brings us a new manifesto that shows us how we can make our way in today’s world as LGBTQ people. It is a book that has been badly needed for a long time. We are reminded that as queer people, we are responsible for other queer people and that none of us are free until all of us are free. Returning to Judaism, Eli explores the idea that queer universal consciousness depends upon kindness within our community and that all of us deserve this. None of us are alone— we are part of a larger community and we must take care of each other. Allies are wonderful but it is our job to ensure that each queer person is regarded for who he/she/they is.

We can do this by adhering what Eli presents here and while things today are better than they have ever been, we must also work to make it better. To show that none of us is alone, Eli includes a list of organizations that need support. There are many definitions to the word “queer” and we must support all of them. We need safe places and to make sure that all of us are safe, we need to. Learn about each other. Labels are simply labels and there is so much that is behind labels but we must take time to speak with each other and learn about who we all are. There is beauty on differences and there is also beauty in similarities.

Eli brings in his own life and his advocacy is a call to action. He also incorporates both LGBTQ and Jewish history into this call. By concentration of the idea that “all Jewish people are responsible for one another”, we understand that the same is true for our community and while this is not a new idea, it is one that we often need to be reminded of. To support our community, we must learn about it.

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