“IRVING PARK”— Four Gay Seniors



Four Gay Seniors

Amos Lassen

In “Irving Park, director Patangiotis Evengellidis introduces us to four gay men in their 60s, living together in Chicago, and exploring an unconventional lifestyle of master/slave relationships. They have created a family based on free choice and the consent to lose one’s personal freedom in favor of the desire of the other.

The men cohabit with a rather unusual arrangement – they are all aging gay men practicing dominant-submissive relationships. The movie is a time-lapse film that takes us into the middle of the action of the household, and even though the family is based on a seemingly primordial provocation, it comes across as natural and commonplace.

The men engage in long conversations from the Lord and his naked slaves and we get a “sense of family reciprocity, unsolvable crises and daily inhabitation.” The men  live in acceptable relationships of domination and submission.

We rarely get films about the senior gay community and while this certainly will not appeal to all viewers, it is a remarkable look at a lifestyle that we know little about.

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