“EYE SEE YOU”— A Personal Killing


A Personal Killing

Amos Lassen

Federal agent Jake Malloy (Sylvester Stallone) is on the case of a sadistic killer when the killer starts getting personal killing his girlfriend. While it seems like the killer takes his own life Jake’s life spirals down as he drinks and is unable to shake the feelings of guilt over his girl- friend’s death leading to him to try to take his own life. He fails and Police chief Hendricks (Charles S. Dutton) takes him to an isolated rehab center run by Doc (Kris Kristofferson), a former cop who specializes in treating cops who have seen the worse and have fallen in to bad times. However, at the isolated center people begin to mysteriously die leading Jake to tyro discover who is doing it and is he in for a shock. 

The film is not something new or original; we are on familiar territory. That territory is an isolated building with various characters and someone doing some killing and we know that Jake Malloy will use his detective skills to try and get to the bottom of things. 

Even though “Eye See You” feels like other movies, it keeps us watching. Stallone tries to deliver a decent character and even though it is not Stallone at his best he is watchable.  The film is a thriller meant to grip us and make us wonder who is doing all the killing. This is where it is a let down because rather than trying and build up the suspense, giving us clues to who it could be all it does is give us potential killers and action and no real clues to solve the mystery.


Unfortunately, Stallone can’t seem to get in decent movies anymore. All he appears to be able to do is assemble a group of decent actors and then make bad movies with them. In the first very sequence, we see Malloy at a bar with some cops and they’re having a good time then the subject of the serial killer comes up. Suddenly, everything goes tense and the cops, for the most part, seem to turn on Malloy. Then, just as easily, everything’s light and happy again.

The major problem, though, is that nobody’s given anything to do. Literally, it’s like a bunch of actors who got together and decided to make a bad slasher flick. Some of the actors really never do anything at all before they’re killed. Some barely have lines; maybe this would have been okay, but it’s obvious from the moment you walk into the detox center who the killer is.