“PORNSTAR PANDEMIC: THE GUYS”— Life During the Quarantine


Life During the Quarantine

Amos Lassen

It has been a rough time for all of us. While, at first, staying home and not seeing others was fun, it grew old quickly and we have yearned for human interaction. Director EJ (Edward James) in his documentary, “Pornstar Pandemic: The Guys” gives us an in-depth look at adult film actors as they experience this Covid-19 quarantine with the world around them being closed down. We have no idea for how long the adult film industry will be shut down especially since it requires direct contact between the actors.

The film looks at the daily lives and experiences of some of gay porn’s big names and covers the gamut of gay, bi-sexual and gay-for-pay stars. If you think about it, most of what we know about gay porn stars during their free time is just hearsay and here we see what they do when they are not acting and it is quite surprising. I have actually known several gay porn actors and was very surprised to see that when they are not on screen, they are just ordinary guys living regular lives.

The film looks at six adult actors— Dante Cole, Pierce Paris, DeAngelo Jackson, Alter Sin, Elijah Wilde and Jack Loft. We not only learn of how they are spending their time being Locked-in but also how they feel about the porn industry and how their lives have changed as a result of Corona Virus. They also speculate on what will be when the quarantine is over and they return to work. You might be surprised to learn that they see their profession as just a regular job.