“GLOBAL GAY”—nDecriminalizing Homosexuality


Decriminalizing Homosexuality

Amos Lassen

“Global Gay” is a  French TV documentary about the move to  universal decriminalizing homosexuality. It was originally made some six years ago and we see here that not much  progress has been made. In the United Nations with its membership of 196 nations, there are still seven where homosexuality is a death sentence and in 84 other countries being gay can mean prison and/or physical punishment even though several world leaders have declared themselves in favor of the universal decriminalization of homosexuality.  However, others have look to Trump and Putin who want to go back to universal punishment for what they see as sexual aberrations. We clearly see here that global acceptance and equality is a long way off.

The documentary follows the fight for decriminalization by looking at the lives and work of some of the pioneers in the field and we see here that there is  a growing global social movement.