“Home” by Jean Alexander— Living in Texas

Alexander, Jenn. “Home”, Bywater Books, 2020.

Living in Texas

Amos Lassen

Rowan Barnes moved to Texas because of her job as grill chef at a new restaurant was but she feels out of place and alone in the Lone Star State. But then she meets Texas born and bred Kate Landreth while picking up beef from a local cattle ranch. Rowan is immediately attracted to Kate and is immediately drawn to the woman and the two women become closer. Kate is Texas through and through and her heart is as big as the state in which she lives. Even though Rowan begins to see Texas differently, Kate is wary about falling for someone who feels that Texas will never be her home. As we read Jenn Alexander’s novel, we find ourselves looking at new definitions of what the word “home” means.

At first, Rowan finds Texas to be completely different from her hometown and she is homesick even while pursuing her dream job.  Of course, the readers want a happy ending for the two women and we hope that they end up together. Rowan finds Texas to be very hot and very conservative and this stays with her until she meets Kate and romance ensues. Kate teaches her all about Texas and we feel her love for the state and also for Rowan. Rowan listens carefully to what Kate says and soon realizes that maybe everything will be alright.

Alexander appeals to the emotions in her book and it is difficult not to weep gently as we read. She has created too relatable characters that we take into our hearts and this she does with beautiful prose and wonderful description. I must admit that I once felt about Texas the way Rowan did and it beautiful that she has someone to help change her mind.

It is very difficult to leave one’s hometown and move to a place that is foreign and the differences between Portland and Rowan’s new home in Texas. With the right person, the wrong place can feel like home.



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