“THE ACCOMPANIST”— The Power of Music


The Power of Music

Amos Lassen

Dr. Jason Holden (Frederick Keeve) is in early 50s and has taken a job as the piano accompanist for a local ballet studio. He is quickly respected and loved by the ballet students and teachers that he works with. However, he is filled with sadness because of an automobile accident in which his family was involved.

Jason receives some solace from Brandon Wykowski (Ricky Palomino), one of the students with whom he falls in love. Brandon has his own personal and professional problems.He has been given a chance to try out for the prestigious New York Ballet Company and asks Jason to work with him using his music to make demos of his ability. At the same time, Brandon is dealing with intimate issues with his boyfriend, Adam Thompson (Aaron Cavette). Adam has an intensely jealous side and can easily fly into rage and this probably comes from his suffering with aspects of lung cancer and has been doing so for quite a while.

Jason’s own sadness emerges from time-to-time and Brandon’s company eases that pain. To Jason, Branson represents so much of what he has wanted in his own life. Max (Christopher Pawl) and Isabella (Juliet Doherty), Jason’s children are concerned about their father but try to give him space and allow him to pursue comfort, even if it is with Brandon. When Adam sees what is going on with the two men, he becomes determined to win his lover back compounding everything.

The film uses the themes of grief and intimacy and is sensitive and touching. There is a beautiful tenderness to the sex scenes. The music is glorious throughout and the actors are excellent all around. More important than all else is that we get to see a realistic gay love story with is ups and downs and its joys and angsts. We are constantly aware of tragedy and hope.

Some may find the sex scenes to be too explicit yet I found them to  be important parts of the story. “The Accompanist” pulls us in immediately and does not let us go and we feel the gamut of emotions as the characters do.

The film will be available on digital June 2 from Dark Star Pictures and take my word for it, this is one you do not want to miss.

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