“Cuban Son Rising” by Charles Gomez— Keeping a Secret

Gomez, Charles. “Cuban Son Rising”, Koehler Books, 2020.

Keeping s Secret

Amos Lassen

As a journalist Charles Gomez dug up the truth but deep inside, he hid a life-shattering secret. As a Latin American Correspondent for CBS News, Charles Gomez has covered stories in 23 Latin American countries and the Caribbean. He covered the Nicaraguan Civil War, the ouster of dictator Anastasio Somoza, the Civil War in El Salvador and the Mariel Boatlift in Cuba. He has interviewed Fidel Castro, Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somoza, El Salvadoran President Jose Napolean Duarte, Jamaican President Edward Seaga,  ​​and Ferdinand, Imelda Marcos and many others.

He has worked as an NBC News West Coast Correspondent and has covered two national conventions (RNC-1972 and DNC-1988). He also worked for WPLG-TV in Miami, WBBM-TV in Chicago, WNBC and WWOR in New York City and is the recipient of an Emmy Award for news (1993) and the Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Gomez faced down dictators and he seemed to be at the top of his profession.  He is the son of a Cuban immigrant who was terrified to expose his sexuality and AIDS diagnosis and he found himself spiraling into depression and drugs— this nearly destroyed him. Gomez’s memoir “Cuban Son Rising” is an honest and raw memoir  that shares his lifelong battle to overcome stigma and self-loathing and he does so in detail. Gomez’s story includes interviews with despots and the front lines of civil wars to his quiet struggles seeking his father’s acceptance. He lived a lifetime of anxiety and regret but now Gomez embarks on an emotional journey with his father to his homeland. He worries about being rejected by his father and we are with him as he hopes to survive and triumph over the fear that has held him back on a personal level.

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