“UNINTENDED”— A Repressed Memory


A Repressed Memory

Amos Lassen

A young woman repressed the memory of having killed someone when she was twelve years old. Thirteen years later, that memory comes back.

Lea  (Anja Murmann, who also directed the film) is an adventurous, free spirited thirteen-year-old who lives in Upstate New York with her academic parents. On the day that her family is relocating to Houston, her life changes dramatically. Before leaving New York, Lea is pressured into a fight with fifteen-year-old Bill (Nathan Keynes). Frustrated, she gets hold of the gun he has taken from his father  and accidentally fires a shot in his direction causing Bill to fall into a deep shaft. Lea is forced to leave not knowing Bill’s fate.

For twelve years, Lea, has repressed the memory of that day, and she has had haunted by it and she is emotionally wrecked. She is dependent on prescription drugs could lose her apartment and her job in New York. However, she is not ready to confront her demons and ignores her problems until she almost drowns, ending in a hospital. Her memories of that fateful day re-emerge and torment her.  

Her father feels guilty for having uprooted her because of his own marital problems. He encourages her to revisit their old home, hoping she will reconnect to the positive memories of her childhood. He does not know about what happened  back then or about her crime she committed thirteen years ago. Lea decides to accompany him back to upstate New York.  Arriving back there, Leais confronted with her childhood and the people from her past as well as her repressed memories that come back giving her no choice but to go back to the mine, the place where she believes she killed Bill.

There is a lot to think about here in this beautifully made film that deals with repressed memories and hiding from them.

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