“Black Light: Stories” by Kimberly King Parsons— The Darkness of Desire

Parsons, Kimberly King. “Black Light: Stories”, Vintage, 2019.

The Darkness of Desire

Amos Lassen

In “Black Lights”, Kimberly King Parsons writes short stories about desire  and those hidden places where most of us are afraid to look. She shares thoughts about first love, self-loathing, addiction, marriage, and childhood. The settings range from Texas highways to family kitchens, pay-by-the-hour motels and private school dorms

We read of people who struggle with disappointment, both in themselves and others. Parsons is a prose poet with a unique sensibility. She is intimate, weird and enchanting.

The language is gorgeous and personal and very Texas. The characters deal with changes in the realities of their lives. The girls are bad-ass gals have attitude with imperfections and thwarted desires.  

Here is the messiness of being alive;  mess of words and ideas. There is nothing cute or heartwarming, the focuson the seamier side of life, the things that happen, that nobody speaks or writes about— our fears and disappointments instead of aspirations and achievements. 

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