“Honey Walls” by Bones McKay—A Perfectly Normal Transgender Male

McKay, Bones. “Honey Walls”,  McKay and Gray Publications, 2019.

A Perfectly Normal Transgender Male

Amos Lassen

Row is perfectly normal for a transgender man even though his girlfriend speaks to ghosts, his sister spies on him through his reflection, and he has no heart. Row has spent years forcing magic from his life so he is unprepared when it returns in the form of a crow with a letter from his sister. The message in the letter is simple: their mother is dead. Row tries to ignore this and gives his sister control of their childhood home and all of his mother’s stories. Unfortunately his sister is having a hard time her dreams come true especially her dreams of ruining Row’s life. To undo what his sister has done, Row must return home to stop his her and to find his heart.

This is a novel about a trans man written, illustrated, and narrated by trans creators that explores the difficulty of relating to a childhood that isn’t quite one’s own. It deals with themes of grief and growing up and finding the strength to feel again. It is a fun story but it takes a little while to get to why things seem so strange at the beginning. However, everything falls into place and we discover deep meanings.

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