“Lord of the Senses” by Vikram Kolmannskog— Short Stories

Kolmannskog, Vikram. “Lord of the Senses”,  Team Angelica Publishing , 2019.

Short Stories

Amos Lassen

Vikram Kolmannskog’s “Lord of the Senses” is a collection of short stories that universally set from the suburbs of Oslo to the bustling heart of Bombay; from the  banks of the Ganges to the nightclubs of Berlin. Kolmannskog is of Berlin, this collection of short stories by gay Indian-Norwegian writer who captures contemporary sense of what it is to be queer, cosmopolitan, spiritual and sexual. Here is the essence of the gay Indian experience  and the stories are funny, sensual, heartbreaking, and exhilarating, at the same time. 

We explore what it means to be a young, gay, defiantly sexual and spiritual man navigating complex identities with a sense of fluidity. The stories are relevant and relevant. The characters deal with prejudices, disappointments, and multiple identities of nationality, religion, caste, and sexual orientation. The stories embrace  the Indian contemporary issues and nuances of casteism, politics, sexuality, poverty, devotion and renunciation.

The author’s voice is original and distinctive and we sense his honesty in the stories that are written from the heart. There is sincerity and sensitivity in the stories of the heart and written with love. And there is intimacy allowing us to really connect with what we have here.

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