“Just Pervs” by Jess Taylor— Two Sex Addicts

Taylor, Jess. “Just Pervs”, Book Hug Press, 2019.

Two Sex Addicts

Amos Lassen

In Jess Taylor’s “Just Pervs”, two sex addicts meet and fall in love. A woman catches her husband cheating on her with their dog and escapes to her sister’s horse farm. Four friends—fellow pervs—grow up and drift apart, longing for each other in silence until one of them is murdered.

Contemporary views of female sexuality are subverted, and women are given agency over their desires and bodies. Through the characters, sex is revealed to be many things at once but always complicated. The stories explore the oppression and illumination created by desire, the ill-comfort with adolescence, and the barriers to intimacy that we place upon ourselves.

The stories are “uncomfortable vignettes” from the author’s life who sees to be just writing her own life. She reuses names and characters – Sam, Travis, and others pop up multiple times in different stories, always in the same roles.

The author claims to be pansexual so I cannot help but I wonder she focuses on all the bad straight sex she’s having rather than explore the undercurrent of homoerotic attraction. She seems to prioritize a “straight white woman” approach to sex.

I did not find the prose to be special in any way— what he says is quite bourgeois and forgettable. The sex we read about is boring and the bisexuality is only by implication. I do not understand how this book became a Lambda Literary finalist but then taste depends upon the reader.

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