“Ordinary People”




Amos Lassen


Seven soldiers are sent to an abandoned farm with no information and a bus of frightened men arrives and the soldiers are informed that they are the enemy. If you want to know about ethnic cleansing, here is a good place to begin. We meet the soldiers when they are told to execute the enemy who just happen to be defenseless and between the ages of 15 to 70. Our soldiers really cannot deal with the situation and they just do what they are told to do and then get drunk to forget.

The film is quite drab with no music and little dialogue, no hero, no action and no judgment. What we see is a very realistic look at a very hard situation. Set in Serbia, the landscape is quite bleak and the movie could very well have become totally self-indulgent. Each scene is very raw and real.

The film is basically a psychological study of making a documentary and while many will not be pleased with what they see, this is quite an important film. We do not often see honesty of this kind in film and it seems to me that the theme is the banality of genocide. Writer/director Vladimir Perisic made this film to be quiet and devastating and I do not think that many can talk after seeing it. The theme is simple and the movie is slow and I found it to be an elegant look at war.

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