“Blood and Money: Why Families Fight Over Inheritance and What to Do About It”— Inheritance and Us

Accettura, P. Mark. “BLOOD & MONEY: Why Families Fight Over Inheritance and What To Do About It “, 2011.


Inheritance and Us


Amos Lassen


Aside from missing a loved one when he dies, there is the problem of inheritance. Many times settling the estate results in a warlike situation among those named in the will. This book takes us through the process and it explains the psychology behind why people fight over inheritance as well as it gives us the steps to be taken to prevent arguments and disputes. This is a complete explanation of the process.


Accettura has been involved in estate law for over thirty years and has done extensive research as to how to make inheritance problems much easier to deal with. The greed and pettiness of the family members are really the struggle that they want to feel as if they belong. “The fight for money and things” affect self esteem and security. Many times there are family fights because one member of the family is having a hard time accepting the death. In many cases those involved are members of dysfunctional families or suffer from some kind of mental illness or some other problem. We have people who leave everything to their pets and then we have those that bequeath their estates so that they can used for the betterment if society.


We also learn about which legal protections are available so that the least amount of damage is done. We are given some 60 recommendations that help family members and their legal counsels so that things go smoothly. The book also looks at the dynamics of family as it is important to estate planning. Taking into account demography, this is a book that we should all become familiar with.










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