“I LOVE DICK”— A Retro Sitcom

“I Love Dick!”

A Retro Sitcom

Amos Lassen

“I Love Dick” is a retro sitcom by Brian Pelletier and Tony Jerris. It is a very funny look at a young gay couple, Dick (Michael Ciriaco) and Mickey (Jeremy Lucas) and is set in the 1950’s (even I can’t remember the 50’s) in West Hollywood. In the 50’s gay people were not out and had to struggle to try to fit into a world that did not want us around. The guys movie in together and rent an apartment from Edie (Sarah Gabor) and Fran (Patricia Vitally), two lesbians. Mickey is very successful in his career as an actor and quickly climbs the ladder to success leaving Dick to be lonely at night when Mickey is away. We all know what happens when loneliness sets in and that is what the twelve episodes are about. There is nothing modern here—the series is in black and white and very low budget but it is also lots of fun and is loaded with charm, humor and wit.


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