“Prepare My Prayer” by Rabbi Dov Singer— The Language of Prayer

Singer, Dov Rabbi. “Prepare My Prayer “, Maggid, 2020.

The Language of Prayer

Amos Lassen

Rabbi Dov Singer’s “Prepare My Prayer” is a unique attempt to develop a dedicated language for the worship of the heart, the language of prayer. Inspired by recipe books, it gives us a variety of concise and practical recipes for prayer by one of Israel’s most popular religious educators.

Rabbi Dov Singer is a leading voice in Israeli education and Jewish spirituality. He has attracted thousands of Jews of all backgrounds to workshops and prayer events to explore and enhance spirituality while going beyond ritual choreography. He has taught thousands of all ages how to talk and listen to one another. As a result we learn how to do the same with God. Rabbi Singer invites us to try his unique insight.

He sees humans as “Homo-mitpalelos”or praying beings, instead “Homo-sapiens” – thinking beings. He maintains that all of humanity, and therefore, all of creation prays by instinct. We need to let go of all the questions – “to whom am I praying? Why I am praying? Does it even work?” and to learn how to use our spiritual instinct for prayer.

This is the English, translation of his bestselling, Hebrew edition, “Tikon Tefillati” in which Rabbi Singer engages readers and encourage them to take practical steps and actions that actively influence their prayer experience. Written in the style of a cookbook, we get short recipes as a means to develop and enhance one’s skillset – the mechanisms we use when we pray. The emphasis is on  concentration, emotion and spiritual connection with God, and our engagement with the Divine.

Eleven chapters are broken down into concise, accessible sections in which each “recipe” begins with short, powerful quotes from traditional Jewish texts, the Bible, the Talmud, and/or Hassidic masters. The poetic narrative focuses on and guides readers through a particular practical aspect of prayer and encourages us to take what’s being shared and practice it.

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