“FORGED”— Trying to Forge a Bond



Forging a Bond

Amos Lassen

A father is sent to prison for the murder of his son’s mother and when he comes home he tries to repair the damage he was caused his son. This is a film with lots of action and some excellent acting.

Chuco (Manny Perez) is released from prison after serving time for blowing his wife’s head off and tries to reclaim his life and reconnect with his son. Machito is now 13 years old and has been living on the street after escaping his foster home where he was beaten. He has been surviving by servicing men and some of these scenes are very upsetting. Machito blames his father for what he has to do and wants revenge on the man who robbed him of his youth.

Even though he wants to go straight, Chuco is seduced by his old friends and they offer him coke and pretty girls if he will come back to them but he messes up on a drug deal and steals a large amount of money. He decides that the time has come to start over and he plans to use the stolen money for a better life but his gang is looking for him and his son. We see a very bloody chase and a confrontation that is excessively violent. The film is realistic in its grittiness and as I said the violence is graphic.

Perez gives a powerful performance and one scene breaks the heart. Interestingly enough Perez also wrote the screenplay. There is no happy ending and we see that revenge does not satisfy and when one’s circle of friends is evil people, there is little hope. This is quite a depressing film but excellently done.


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