“To Be a Gay Male” by Will Young— Ga Shame

Young, Will. “To Be a Gay Man”, Ebury Pr , 2020.

Gay Shame

Amos Lassen

Will Young, Million-selling pop star and co-host of his influential podcast calls for an end to gay shame. He writes about the impact it had on his own life, how he learned to deal with it and how he can now say that he is gay and happy.

Young’s story began long before his first audition. He looks back at the world where being called gay was the ultimate insult. As a result, he hid his sexuality. Here he shares the long-lasting impact repressing his true self has had on him. His story demonstrates that internalized shame in childhood increases the risk of developing low self-worth, and even self-disgust and leads to destructive behaviors as an adult. Will writes of the darkest extremes he has been to, shares his vulnerabilities and regrets as he writes of his own navigation through it and then shows that others might have felt alone in the same experience. He breaks taboos and offers practical advice on overcoming the difficult issues that face the LGBTQ+ community.

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