“RAIGA: GOD OF THE MONSTERS”— A Mixed Experience


A Mixed Experience

Amos Lassen

“Raiga: God of the Monsters” is a lot of reasonably well done giant automation scenes of Kaiju Eiga destruction with three main battles (and a flashback battle) against tanks, planes, helicopters, battleships — and even giant fish monsters. We also have a lot of lame comedy, mostly centered around a hapless guy who is constantly beset upon by his three daughters.

We also get some very silly Japanese leaders including a couple of soldiers,  a few other school girls, the hero’s buddies, and a sequence featuring someone who is probably the Japanese equivalent of a stand-up comic.As a whole the film is filled with very lame comedy.  

“Raiga” is a parody that brings a wacky, at times aimless anime-like flair to its action. It’s so absurd, that by the end, the giant monster bends over and pees on buildings to mark its territory. Then again, that almost makes sense biologically.

Because of the micro-budget, the Defense Minister, his assistants, and gung-ho military advisers operate from a single, tiny room, chewing on their options to rid the city of Raiga. The armor-clad military team suggests the next uber-weapon, the minister boasts how this new plan will work, the assistants always agree as to not offend their boss.

There’s also a smaller story, that of a single father and his three daughters. Director Shinpei Hayashiya’s “Raiga”  makes no pretense about taking itself seriously. Raiga’s design earns menace, comedic intent aside.

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