“Being Functional: A Memoir” by Atticus Blake— Believing in Self

Blake, Atticus. “Being Functional: A Memoir”, Amazon Digital Services, 2020.

Believing in Self

Amos Lassen

Atticus Blake shares himself with us in his memoir of his life between the ages of 9 to 31. He says that it was “During which time I was indoctrinated into the Christian faith and eventually left religion behind, along with a multitude of other irrational beliefs. I was a true believer who leaned on God and the teachings of the church for all things. However, as with many Christians, this clashed with my true inner self, whom I hid from the people around me in order to appear functional. I am gay, I was married and have children, I am obsessive-compulsive, and was overcome with severe debilitating panic attacks. That was until the power of reason overcame my fear of learning, and I came to believe in my self (sic), and accept who I really am.”

Told in no particular order, this is his story of “love, sex, religion, God, Jesus, homosexuality, teenage angst, burglary, crime, guilt, suffering, shame, birth, death, suicide, creationism, pseudoscience, real science, pornography, drugs, loving women, loving men, escapism, obsession, shitty bosses, sexual fantasy, football, divorce, the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin, American life, picking up random partners, falling in love with a best friend, falling in love with a God, fearing a God, leaving the faith, and eventually atheism.” And it is fascinating.

I have never experienced much of what he went through yet I found so much here to relate to. However, the book needed a good editor to catch the errors.

The story is heartfelt and even though it is about a subject we have read many times, it is told with a great deal of emotion and pain. Blake is a fine writer and if you can overlook the errors this is a read not soon forgotten.

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