“Reckless” by Rick R. Reed— The Letter

Reed, Rick R. “Reckless”,  Excessica Publishing , 2010.

The Letter

Amos Lassen

It has been a while since I reviewed a Rick Reed book so I went looking for something by him that I had not read. If you like Reed, you will love this as it is typical Reed. By that I mean you have no idea of what to expect.

One rainy afternoon Paul met Max at a Starbucks in Chicago and he really wasn’t looking or anyone that day. However, Max was fun and a pleasant way to spend an afternoon since his boyfriend was on a business trip. What we soon learn is that Paul is HIV positive and a short while after the romp, he received a letter from Max with some legal facts about HIV and that infecting someone was a criminal act and the news that he had infected him and now he was going to have to pay.

Paul tries to visualize that day and he could not remember if he told Max and whether or not they used a condom but he was quite that he had and that they did. The letter severely affects Paul and he begins to consider what happened. Max let Paul know that he was pressing charges against him and this really set Paul off. He surely would be exposed as gay, HIV positive and quite possibly he could be convicted of the crime.

This is just  short story but its thirteen pages are packed and the emotions that take up the end of the story will have you reeling. The possibilities of something like this in real life is that it could happen and all of us keep a secret about ourselves that if revealed could destroy us. We empathize with Paul because it could have happened to us but we must also remember that Paul was not looking or sex the day this happened. We see the importance of the details of our lives and this is a story that is guaranteed to make you think.

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