When Love Ends

Amos Lassen

David Färdmar’s “Are We Lost Forever” is his first feature film as a director. It is a development of acclaimed separation drama about a couple breaking up from a destructive relationship. Each scene exudes sorrow, desperation and unrequited love.

Hampus (Jonathan Andersson) and Adrian’s (Bjorn Elgerd) relationship has gone down increasingly destructive paths and then during one fateful discussion it all ends. While Hampus and Adrian are no more, in some way they have to go on living. We see a healing process divided into stages of desperate attempts to reunite as well as rebound. It is a bitter-sweet portrayal of the painful time following the end of a long relationship and when life has to start over.

Adrian and Hampus have been together for three years, and Hampus feels that he must make ends meet in order not to go down himself. For Adrian, the breakup comes as a shock, he cannot accept that the relationship is over.

The film takes place over a year and we can follow Adrian and Hampus  through phases in a painfully drawn-out separation with everything that it includes; crying, anxiety, rebound sex, comically embarrassing encounters, new look-a-like partners, the longing for awkwardness, an uncomfortable couples dinner, an insight into breaking old patterns, and even a streak of hope for reconciliation in some way.

Of the eleven characters, six are gay, two are lesbians, two have unspoken sexualities and one is straight, but at the end of his scene. he is clearly open to other options offered In the story, the norm is to be gay, where the characters should never have to be questioned about their sexuality and that the main conflicts are not about their sexuality. The main conflict is a separation where two broken hearts try to recover and heal after a heartbreaking year. They just have to be ordinary people with everything that it means, when love suddenly ends.

Adrian’s and Hampus’s relationship has taken increasingly destructive paths and in a fateful conversation, everything ends. Hampus and Adrian are no longer there but in some way they must continue to live.

“Are We Lost Forever” begins at the home of the young couple Adrian and Hampus, seconds after they end their relationship. They have barely managed to get out of bed before a new reality flushes over both. “We are no longer there,” Hampus notes coldly. Hampus collapses and moves out. Adrian is left with half a bed, a broken heart and many thoughts. Where did things go wrong?

Between screaming confrontations, regretful declarations of love and hot make-up sex, both guys are forced to re-evaluate their relationship in order to move on and forward, hopefully stronger and wiser.

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