“COLOSSUS”— The American Immigration System


The American Immigration System

Amos Lassen

Jonathan Schienberg’s “Colossus” looks at the American immigration system as told by 15-year-old Jamil Sunsin. This is  a modern-day immigrant tale of one family’s desperate struggle after deportation. We see their experiences and how they led to family separation and the search for the American dream.

Jamil is the only person in his family  who was born in the United States. His parents and sister came from Honduras and lived in America for ten years before and then Jamil’s father was arrested for being undocumented. The family was forced to return to Honduras and face the violence that has practically taken over the country. After  Jamil was traumatized by a knife attack the family makes the decision to send him back to the America, by himself.

“Colossus” gives us a rare look at what happens after deportation family separation. In the film, we seethe flaws of the American immigration system and the effect it leaves on countless families. What makes the documentary so compelling is that the characters are real people. This is a film that must be seen especially with regards to what the Trump administration is doing about immigration.

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