“Unrequited Love: Diary of an Accidental Activist” by Dennis Altman— A Memoir

Altman, Dennis. “Unrequited Love: Diary of an Accidental Activist”, Monash University Publishing, 2020.

A Memoir

Amos Lassen

Dennis Altman’s writings have been about shifting terrain sexual politics and the AIDs epidemic, which he witnessed while living in New York. His memoir, “Unrequited Love”, is large and remarkable as his career, moving between Australia, the United States, Europe and parts of Asia, and influenced by meetings with intellectuals and writers including James Baldwin, Gough Whitlam, Dorothy Porter, Christos Tsiolkas, Anne Summers, Gore Vidal and Susan Sontag. 

He writes through the lens of recent activism and the global rise of authoritarianism and his story is of fifty years activism, intellectualism, conflict and friendship.

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