“DEADLY BELOVED”— Five Friends

“Deadly Beloved”

Five Friends

Amos Lassen

When five college friends get together is a deserted mansion for the wedding of their best friend, they are disturbed by an unhappy ghost who resents their intrusion to his home. Toni is a gorgeous New York cop who has psychic abilities develops a bond with the ghost but we have to wait and see if that is enough to save herself and her friends. There is lots of drama and humor here and a totally unexpected ending.

The girl who is getting married is doing so with a man that none of the five have ever met or even seen. Everything was going fine until one of the friends sees the ghost, Victoria, who had been killed in the house some years ago. The ghost is trying to warn them that something is not right and the five do not understand why none of the groom’s friends in attendance for the wedding. Having seen the ghost’s diary, they notice the resemblance of the man to Victoria’s brother.

I found the movie to be a fun watch and the cast does a fine job. There are plenty good one liners and the special effects are quite good. I love that this was done ala the old horror movies we used to get and the music just it’s perfectly. The tight script keeps the tension and we keep wondering what is going on. I guess the best thing I can say is that this is an old fashioned ghost story.



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