“Im The Last Face You’ll Ever See” by Matt Converse— Pure Horror

Converse, Matt. “I’m the Last Face You’ll Ever See”, Independently Published, 2020.

Pure Horror

Amos Lassen

Matt Converse is a horror writer and it is important to know that. I love his writing but be warned, it is very dark. He writes of neglect and physical and sexual abuse. He introduces us to Sean, a serial killer who has nightmares that seem to be psychically connected to Stephen, a loner who lives in the back of the building.  

Sean and his best friend, Anna, are woken by screams one night and learn that their newest neighbor has disappeared. When Sean goes to see what is blocking the garbage chute, Anna helps him and they discover the body and what happened to it. Not only are they horrified but also have a feeling about how it got there. However, they have no proof. Sean has been sleepwalking and dreams of fog and dark clouds and watching the killer murdering his victims. He and Anna plan to capture the guy for the police, but things do not go the way they planned. Ultimately Anna’s realizes what has really been going on and things become terrible.

Converse pulls us into the plot and I found it impossible to stop reading. So much so that I did not moved until I closed the covers and then find that I was haunted by what I read.  The story is dark and scary and shocking, especially the twist. This makes it impossible to describe without spoiling the read.

It is a perfect horror story with blood, gore, screaming, intrigue, and a surprising twist that can in no way be anticipated. Just the description of the building where the action takes place is unsettling. In each apartment there is a story and each scared resident just might be the killer. However, with Sean in charge, there is a feeling of comfort. Sean knows everyone and knows the building completely. I found it fascinating that not only did I constantly try to guess who the killer was, I also continually guessed who would be the next victim.

The plot is quite dramatic and there is also a good deal of sadness. Above all there is horror that is, as I said, unforgettable.


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