“UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY”— coming to us soon

“Unhappy Birthday”

Coming to Us Soon

Amos Lassen

Coming soon from Wolfe Video is “Unhappy Birthday”, a thriller set on a remote island named Amen where three outsiders battle the morals of an “antiquated community”. The film deals with the fear of isolation and nature against nature. What was to have been a special birthday party becomes not a party but a nightmare for Sadie, Rick and Johnny who come to the island to visit Corinne. Only those invited to Amen can come there and once there it seems impossible to leave. Our friends soon find that they are trapped by the tide and are at the mercy of the nature of the island. Starring David Paisley, Jonathan Keane, Christina De Vallee and Jill Riddiford and directed by Mark Harriott and Mike Matthews, we find ourselves at a birthday celebration unlike no other and we  see that those in attendance wish that they had never gone.

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