“The Werewolves of Central Park” by Tom Cardamone— In the Park

Cardamone, Tom. “The Werewolves of Central Park”, Starbooks Press, 2010.

In the Park

Amos Lassen

I took a recommendation from Michael Graves (“Dirty One”) and read this. It is wild as we go to Central Park at midnight  and find stereotypes of New York gay culture in the guise of creatures from Greek mythology. This is a story of desire and is a sexual fantasy of love and danger. We do not often read about gay love and sex with such energy as here. To really enjoy the book, you must imagine New York as “Faery Land” that is filled with creatures with great sexual urges and desires who follow them to excess and who are constantly being transformed. There is a lot of sex and the characters are wild but this is a fun read which takes werewolves to a whole new level with men transforming into werewolves who are on the prowl for pleasure and we get a seductive story of hunter and prey. The ideas are new and I find the whole concept to be refreshing and highly erotic. What the book lacks in plot is made up for in originality and this is a book you will not soon forget. And did I mention that it is full of sex? There is even a little romance.

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