“UNCHAINED”— A New Israeli Series


A New Israeli Series

Amos Lassen

 A dramatic unveiling of the world of an ultra-orthodox Rabbi as he works to release women from the “anchors” of their marriage 

“Spectacular! An exhilarating and rewarding experience. Profoundly moving”  (Yedioth Aharonoth)

“Smart and wondrous direction of an intelligent script”  (Haaretz)

“Alive and kicking script; A smart, brash and thought-provoking series” (Maariv)

Agunah, a Hebrew word meaning “chained” or “anchored” woman, is a Jewish law principle in which a woman is bound in marriage by a husband who refuses to grant a divorce or who is missing and not proven dead.

A devout Rabbi-detective, whose job is to free the women whose husbands deny them a divorce and a new life, finds that in his own home lurks a secret  that threatens his world and marriage.

“Unchained” the story of Yossef Mourad and his wife Hannah, takes the viewer into the closed-off ultra-orthodox Haredi world, and touches on the most painful place where Jewish-law clashes with modern life – the status of women in society.

Created by:

Yossi Madmoni (“Restoration”, “Redemption”) 

Tamar Kay and David Ofek (“No.17”, “Ha’Mangalistim”)


Aviv Alush (“The Baker and the Beauty”, “The Women’s Balcony”)  Alma Dishi (“VIP”, “Your Honor”)


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