The Wisdom Years: Unleashing Your Potential in Later Life” by Zvi Lanir— A New Period of Human Life

Lanir, Zvi. The Wisdom Years: Unleashing Your Potential in Later Life”,  Exisle, 2020.

A New Period of Human Life

Amos Lassen

We do not yet fully understand the rise in life expectancy.  We now have more years of old age. This implies the formation of a new period in human life: the Age of Wisdom.

When author, Dr. Zvi Lanir, reached retirement age, he realized and was ready to admit that he was no longer young, but he also did not feel old. “The Wisdom Years” is the result of Lanir’s investigation of this ‘hidden age’ and then learning out how to make the most of it. He shows us that people who are able to prepare themselves for this new period in their lives will be able to enjoy an active, wise and satisfying stage of life, which will  also enable them to delay their “old age” to the very end of their life. I have been working on this myself and have learned so much from this book.

It is a practical, thought-provoking and life-changing read for both people beginning retirement and for those younger people who would like to prepare themselves in advance. Dr. Lanir’s uses his lifetime of work experience in identifying mindsets that are no longer helpful, revealing how to reframe our thought processes so that we can live life on our ‘functional age’ rather than our ‘chronological age’. The message is that life after retirement is meant to be enjoyed as “a new, exciting and uplifting journey of personal evolution.”

I know that I will not live forever and that I am thought to be old, something that used to bother me a great deal.“The Wisdom Years” changed that through Lanir’s analysis of how things are and his research. He gives us a  new paradigm for the later years of life.

Lanir gives is a new language and new and applied tools designed to transform later-life and turn it into a period of satisfaction, creativity and meaning. It is presented to us in simple terms that we all know but do not want to accept or deny.

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