“Walking In My Son’s Footsteps: David’s Fight For Freedom” by Harmohan Singh— A Dedicated Father

Singh, Harmohan. “Walking In My Son’s Footsteps: David’s Fight For Freedom”,  Thinktosee, 2020.

A Dedicated Father

Amos Lassen

As a loving and dedicated father, Harmohan Singh has had one main mission in life: to honor his son’s David’s wishes and his legacy. He runs the blog Think to See, which is dedicated to raising issues that mattered to David, including mental health awareness, women’s rights, and justice for the LGBTQIA community and other minority groups.

David Singh was a brilliant writer, a talented student, and a loyal friend. He had a sarcastic sense of humor that was both funny and incisive. He was also an activist who was ready and willing to take on Singapore’s oppressive government –including its mandatory conscription law. He believed in non-violence and considered himself a conscientious objector, but the government did not  care and drafted him anyway.

When the government refused to honor his wishes, he felt he had no other choice: he took his own life. He left behind a prodigious body of work–poems and plays that captured his feelings about Singaporean politics and life at large–as well as a clear message to his father: “Do not silence me,” he wrote, “Let my work live.”

Harmohan Singh does just that in “Walking in My Son’s Footsteps”. He works to finish what his son started, speaking out against the National Service and Singapore’s tyrannical laws, while at the same time paying tribute to David’s life and work.

Harmohan brings together research, letters, David’s poems, and his own memories and regrets for a powerful portrait of a young man’s life and work–and a demand for change.


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