Four Men

Amos Lassen

Four men occupy an old building in order to create an artistic project. Mike, the photographer, leads the group while the three other men who are models perform in a session that seems to move from the screenplay into  their lives. As the scene moves forward, Viktor, an artist will go on an impassioned trip through his feelings of doubt, fear and ambition, before climaxing into an erotic burst with the group. This is a story of will and perceptions that could easily reference us and our individual impressions of erotica.

Directed by Noel Alejandro, this is a quite explicit and subversive film that looks at art, career and ambition and I understand that it is autobiographical to a degree as it questions  the boundaries of obscenity and pornography.

It is as if director Alejandro is asking the audience how far he can go. He blends a silent rain, voiced metalinguistics and pure aesthetic erotica to share a story that is both problematic and relatable.

“Under the Rain” is explicit film, but far from porn. It explores erotica as an art form. Drawing on the director’s personal experiences and his perspective on art, ethics, obscenity, pornography, career and ambition, this is a surreal, moody, enigmatic, and arousing piece of work.

It stars Valentin Braun, Anteo Chara, Markus Reid, and Enki Babylon as four men immerse themselves an abandoned building for an art project. The boundaries between fiction and reality are blurred. We are not sure whether the conversations are scripted or real as doubts, fears, ambitions, and passions come to the fore and needs are satisfied. There’s plenty of explicit sex that feels authentic.

Alejandro says that a film, for me, is a journey within his own psychology and malice. The film is based on a concept that has been growing, modifying, and producing during the actual filming and editing.





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