“1 VERSUS 100”— Meet Malia

“1 VERSUS 100”

Meet Malia

Amos Lassen

Every once in a while I see a movie that is almost impossible for me to review— for whatever reason. Bruno Kohfield-Galeano’s “1 Versus 100” is one such film. It stars Anna McClean, Nancy Nezbit, Charla Cochran and Walter Mecham who all give outstanding performances.

When Larry (Mecham), a powerful attorney, finds out his teenage daughter, Malia (McClean) is gay, he kicks her out for good. She is forced to live with her girlfriend, Lian (Nezbit), as she pieces her life back together. Five years later, Larry is found dead under suspicious circumstances and this brings Malia to end her exotic dancing career. On her last shift she meets Ben, an adult film producer who tempts her to star in an adult movie. Malia is then involved in a car crash that leaves her unable to work for months. Now broke and facing eviction, Malia decides to star in the adult film as the police are cornering in on her mother Susan for the murder of Larry.

What makes this film so special are the emptions we feel while watching. This is not a film that it is possible to just walk away from it. It has stayed with me for some two weeks and I am sure that I will be thinking about it for a very long time. Rather than risk writing a spoiler, I choose to not say anymore. I urge you to see and draw your own conclusions.

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