“Male Shorts: International V3”

Five Short Gay Films

Amos Lassen

I am reminded of how many gay short films that we never get to see every time a new collection is issued. Not everyone can make it to LGBTQ film festivals where these films are screened. The International Male Shorts collections from Breaking Glass Films help to fill in the gap with films we ordinarily not get to see. “Male Shorts: International V3”  brings us five shorts focusing on men.. Each of the films is presented in its original language (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German) with English subtitles.

“Vanilla” directed by Leo Tabosa plays with the taste of vanilla on everything.

Marcio Miranda Perez’s “LightRapping” is the story of Gustavo, a photographer who captures the bodies of naked men in public spaces around Sao Paulo. One night,  curious, undecided and young Pedro follows him as the two men embark on a journey.

“Polaroid” from Roberto Cuzzillo is the story of a young man from Sicily who goes to Berlin in search of his one-time lover but finds that he is now a family man who does not want to have anything more to do with the affair the two had of the previous summer.

“Five Minutes a Day” directed by Frederico Evaristo and Bob Yang introduces us to Jefferson (Jefferson Mascarehas) and Jorge (Guilherme Chelucci)  who are now living together.

 Simone Bozzelli’s “My Brother” is about two brothers, Umberto and Stefano,  who have just moved into a new apartment, where they share the same bedroom. Since their mother is away, Stefano has to look after his younger brother who is wants affection and contact.

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