“UNKEPT SECRETS” (“Moisserim”)— Abuse

“UNKEPT SECRETS” (“Moisserim”)


Amos Lassen

Dalit Kimor’s “Unkept Secrets” shows what happens to a Jewish Orthodox woman and mother of eight who leads a quiet life, finds out one day, the admired rabbi, teacher of her sons, has been sexually abusing them since their Bar-Mitzvah.

Ornit, a 42 year-old ultra-Orthodox woman, had to face this and against her will and became a hero overnight. She and her children, Yankie and Mandy, sued the offender, and endured grueling legal proceedings. They also had to cope their community that defended the Rabbi, and they were proclaimed “Moisserim” (informers). The victim, who dared to air the dirty laundry in public faced shunning.

Genendi, (42), is married and a mother of three. 18 years ago she spoke out loud about being raped by her father, a famous rabbi, when she was a little girl. Since then, none of her 11 siblings or mother have spoken to her. She was shunned by her extended family for the secrets she did not keep.

Ornit and Genendi are assisted by Shana, a 29 year-old ultra-Orthodox woman, who works in a global Jewish organization. These victims become empowerment for other Orthodox people in the battle against sexual offenses in the community. They will no longer remain silent.