“99”— Shopping



Amos Lassen

Writer/director Nick Borenstein directed, wrote and stars “99”, a film about a gay man on a Bar Mitzvah shopping trip with his neurotic mother to the 99-cent store. It has played film festivals all over the country this year, including Tribecca, Frameline and Outfest to the delight of audiences who have loved the all-too-familiar relationship between mom and her gay son.

The mother and son (Borenstein) go to a 99 cents store to shop for a Bar Mitzvah gift.(When I made my Bar Mitzvah, gifts were very special and people would outdo theselves in trying to find a really special gift. There were no 99 cent stores but it there had been they would have been taboo). Here Borenstein gets it perfect and makes it all very real. This was in a way what shopping was like  once with mothers and sons except most mothers don’t  know the people at the 99 cent store by name. This is a look at he is a wonderful slice of life that makes us want to see what happened next. The film combines the sweetness of a loving mother and son with a layer of illness and addiction. 

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