“THE DANISH BOYS”— A Collection of Short Films


A Collection of Short Films

Amos Lassen

There are many short LGBTQ films that we never get to see mainly because they are screened at festivals only unless a distributor decides to release an anthology that includes them. Such is the case with “The Danish Boys”. What we see with this collection is a theme of victimhood wit no purpose of redemption and while this can bother the audience, it makes for compelling viewing. We see a lot of pain and we also see good screenplays and fine acting.

Christian Edvard Hellberg’s and Helle Rossing’s “POZ” uses the urban myth of tragic bug chaser who is trying to become infected with HIV. The short focuses on character, culture and drama and uses the themes of masochism and alienation instead of giving us a history of HIV. 

“Hotel Boy” directed by Michael Sondergaard is about a married older politician who is involved in a secret affair with a much younger man. Tabloid journalists wait to break the story. This is not a new idea; we have seen it many times before but here we see just the affair and not what is going on around it.

“Fags”(“Svans”) from Martin Reinhard  looks at fear of homophobia showing that it can be harder to deal with than the homophobia as experienced.

Mathias Broe’s “Young Man Dance” looks at the father of a young male dancer who resents his son’s performances. The dancer channels this into a masochistic relationship with his dancing teacher.   

“Ladyboy” directed by Aske Bang is about a drag queen who has been beaten several times probably because her lust takes her to the wrong kinds of men and the wrong places. We learn that the queen’s mother has done the same.

What we see is how external pressure plays on gay men’s identity and their relationship with sex. The films are quite upsetting but they do remind us of the fact that there are better ways to live.


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