“MOM + MOM” (“MAMMA + MAMMA”)— Two Women


Two Women

Amos Lassen

Karole Di Tommaso’s “Mom +Mom” is the story of two women who love each other and want to have a child together. They decide upon in vitro fertilization but are unaware of challenges involved. As their desire becomes stronger they suffer pain and fatigue but they also realize that  miracles might happen. They share a small apartment with an ex-boyfriend who does not make things easier. They have to deal with him because he has the power to allow them to have a child but after their first fruitless attempt, the challenges begin to pile up yet they are determined to keep trying.


Times have changed and it is not nearly as difficult for members of the LGBTQ community to have and to raise but as we see here the road is never easy.

Beautifully acted by  Linda Caridi, Maria Roveran, Andrea Tagiaferri, Sylvia Gallerano and Stefano Sabelli, “Mom + Mom” is an honest look at two women who are deeply in love who want to be mothers.

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