“DENIAL”— Short and Sweet


Short and Sweet

Amos Lassen

Misti Dawn Garritano (co-director [with Mackenzie Leigh Barmen] and writer),  and Timothy J. Cox are a married couple experiencing another day. In just three minutes we see cute interactions and amusing action. However, what can happen in just three minutes? Let me just say that you will be surprised. I can’t possibly summarize what happens without giving something away. But I can say that if you have ever been involved in a serious relationship, you will be familiar with what happens here.

The unnamed wife calls for John to fix the toilet but she realizes that he is spending quite a bit of time in there causing her to check on him to see what could possibly be taking him so long. The two performances are amazing all around. Cox as John comes across as a husband who will do anything for his wife but there is more below the surface. He and Garritano have great chemistry. They seem like a married couple living in the house that they have always lived in and, of course, we sense immediately that this is comedy. Everything works here and for three minutes, you can lose yourself in “Denial”, albeit for a short time.



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