“THE MIGHTY KONG”— King Kong for Kids


King Kong for Kids

Amos Lassen

“The Mighty Kong” is an animated, family-targeted, period “King Kong” adaptation. Dudley Moore gives his final performance. He is Carl Denham, a movie director with a nerdy sidekick who’s his cameraman and assistant only the nerdy sidekick, Roscoe (William Sage). They make musicals of wild animals appearing silly but at some point “Mighty Kong” gives up its script.


Carl Denham’s  wild animal Broadway show sure needs a new attraction, so when he learns about an island where these is a giant gorilla seems to be just the thing. So he, his leading lady Ann Darrow (Jodi Benson), his assistant Roscoe and their guide Jack Driscoll (Randy Hamilton) go to Skull Island, where they soon find out the natives aren’t friendly; they kidnap Ann to offer her to their giant gorilla Kong. Kong likes Ann, but doesn’t care for the other members of Denham’s expedition and tries to drive them off the island. Finally, Jack saves Ann and they knock Kong out and bring him to New York City, where he’s to star in Denham’s latest Broadway production. However on opening night, Kong escapes, wreaks havoc to the city, and ultimately grabs Ann and climbs the Empire State Building but naturally is no match for fighter planes, etc.  

The animation is interesting and the film has a sense of charm even with its bad songs  and music and the performances have a lot to be desired.  I was never a fan of the original Kong story so it would have taken a lot to impress me here but it just did not happen. It might have been a lot of fun.

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