Mensa Noir

Amos Lassen

“Yesterday Was a Lie” is the story of a noir detective who is haunted by a broken love affair and want to fill a notebook with quantum physics formulae. He meets a blonde femme fatale — who is less a threat than a doppelganger, since the detective herself is a blonde. It takes place in a world where a cop snarls that he could never get into Eliot, where a cat is incidentally named Schrödinger, and where one hot babe picks up another with, “So are you into Surrealist art, or do you just come here for the fashion?”

The blonde who asks this question is a chanteuse named Singer (Chase Masterson) and the blonde answering is a tortured cop named Hoyle (Kipleigh Brown). This is a movie about ideas and emotions as well. Hoyle is trying to understand why she can’t get over a guy  and the answer, she learns, has something to do with Jung.

Writer-director James Kerwin gives us a love story that seems to be noir but doesn’t look like it. It is a pseudo-science fantasy thriller that mixes mathematics, time travel, and quantum physics. The reality of the film — the setting, cars, clothes — is an archetypal symbol for her journey through her unconscious as Hoyle envisions herself in her journey. Because of the plot it is really difficult to review this because whatever I say will give something away. Let’s just say that it more of an experience that a film.

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