“Rowdy Armstrong 2: Pro Wrestling Rookie” by David Monster— Rory is Rowdy

Monster, David. “Rowdy Armstrong 2: Pro Wrestling Rookie”, Independently Published, 2019.

Rory is Rowdy

Amos Lassen

I first met Rowdy Armstrong in David Monster’s first volume of the Armstrong series and I fell in love with his irreverence and sex appeal. So before I go any further, let me say that there are sexually explicit scenes here (remember there is a difference between sexual explicitness and porn).

Handsome, blond Rory Pedersen who we first met in “Rowdy Armstrong: Wrestling’s New Golden Boy” where he learned the homoerotic nature of wrestling and that his fellow wrestlers use sex as a way to get ahead (or a tail) in the ring. comes to the A.W.P.W.’s Las Vegas Facility with his boyfriend, cute, muscular, blond Mike Wall. They are forced to rethink and redefine their relationship because every male there wants to get their chance with Rory, and one of the bigger men has already claimed him as his own. Rory “remeets” his friends Scott, Eb, and Bravon who he knew from training and he realizes that he has “confusing feelings” for Bravon. Bravon, however, is busy with other matters.

Dyer Anderson, the Ex World Champ, has offered to mentor Rory, personally and during their private sessions become very private, Dyer crosses the line. This is no wonder since there training sessions include tag team matches, a Battle Royal, and a cockfight in the showers between the two “biggest” men in the facility.  What else can we expect in a place where hot trainees live together, sleep together, shower together and fight each other for their spot in the next session.

David Monster once again introduces us to a large cast of hunky men who go through love and eroticism in naturally and sexy ways. But it is not all about sex but rather about love and caring for one another. For fictional characters, the guys all seem very real. I was immediately pulled into the story and I must admit that I often found it to be arousing. Monster knows how to tell a story but even more so, he knows how to pull us into it. It is not great literature but rather a fun read and that is okay—- we do not only read great lit. This is an escape and a delightful one at that. I realize that I have not said a lot about the plot and that is because I want everyone to have the same virgin reading experience that I did. I am sure you will be glad that I gave no spoilers

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