“Judge Me When I’m Wrong”,  (A Charlie Mack Motown Mystery) by Cheryl Head— Charlie Returns

Head, Cheryl. “Judge Me When I’m Wrong”,  (A Charlie Mack Motown Mystery),  Bywater Books, 2019.

Charlie Returns

Amos Lassen

I am not much of a mystery reader so I was surprised when I was totally into Cheryl Head’s adventures of Charlie (Charlene) Mack, Detroit’s Motown Private Investigator. We first meet Charlie some three books ago and you can find my reviews bright here on my web site. Charlie was born and raised in Detroit and she has been able to build a respected private investigator firm with a fine team of fine investigators.  In the latest book in the series, “Judge Me When I’m Wrong”,  Mack’s preparation for a grand jury testimony becomes worthless when his client has a totally unexpected change-of-heart. Charlie and Gil Rutkowski, one of her investigators realize that defending him will be very difficult.

Charlie also, at the same time, is able unravel a disturbing plan to alter the outcome of a crime lord’s conspiracy trial but she did not fully realize the consequences of her meddling Before she knows it, Charlie’s dangerous meddling that puts her personal and professional lives and all that she holds dear at risk.

The beauty of the Charlie Mack series is the reality and honesty of the plots and the wonderfully developed characters. I love how author Cheryl Head does not hold back how she feels about crime and those involved in it. We meet “money laundering crime bosses, slick attorneys, shady jury members” as seem by Mack (and therefore Head), a private eye who believes in the judicial system. Of course, I must mention that the prose is beautiful as well. Because this is a mystery/crime thriller, I cannot say much about the plot. The one problem I had, and this is my own problem) is that I began reading this about 5:30 PM and did not stop until I finished it, weary but exhilarated. I wonder how long I will have to wait for another book in the series.

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