“ALL MALE, ALL NUDE: JOHNSONS”— All Male and All Nude, Indeed


All Male and All Nude, Indeed

Amos Lassen

Director Gerald McCullouch’s documentary “ALL MALE, ALL NUDE: JOHNSONS” is something of a  sequel to “All Male, All Nude”. It takes us into the world of male strippers at Johnsons in Wilton Manors, Florida, America’s Second Gayest City per capita. Matt Colunga who has been in the male adult entertainment business for 23 years followed his dream and created the club.

Director Gerald McCullouch has spent over 10 years uncovering the world of male stripping with this second Cinéma Vérité feature length documentary.

We meet several of the dancers includingn26-year-old Alexander, who spends his days dressed as Spider-Man and who creates early memories for children at kids’ parties. He spends his nights stripping down to his G-String for gay men. Other strippers are single fathers and young men putting themselves through college with the money thy make stripping. The men who compose the heart of Johnsons are diverse, unique and captivating.

What I really like about this film is that to enjoy it requires no thought—I found it to be totally relaxing with a cast that is fun to look at and even dream about

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