Eight Friends

Amos Lassen

“These Peculiar Days” is a coming of age story about   the eight friends who graduate high school and celebrate by going to a cabin in the woods. Just before the trip, Isabel (Sofia Sylwin) breaks up with her boyfriend, Roman (Gerardo Del Razo) when she learns that he’s been cheating on her with Oscar (Carlos Hendrick Huber).

Roman wants to try to win her so he lso joins the group at the cabin. With eight adolescents away from home, sexual tension is high.  New friendships and sexual encounters take place and we get a look at modern sexual fluidity between young adults. Chucho E. Quintero both wrote and directed the film.

At the cabin, the days are filled with parties, drinking, love triangles, and sex. For many viewers the film will come across as an erotic look at teens as they explore who they are. The theses of sex, pain, maturity, friendship, and the loss of innocence are evident throughout as the eight friends  indulge in a wild weekend of partying and enflamed passions. 

While there is a lot of eroticism here, this is a film about young people on the brink of adulthood, learning about love, life and friendship. It stars Gerardo Del Razo, Sofía Sylwin, Carlos Hendrick Huber, Christopher Aguilasocho, Axel Arenas, Carolina Lecuona, Ana Lourdes Zamarrón, Max Thomsen, Isaí Flores Navarrete.

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